Adone Holding
Adone Holding GmbH, current denomination of Asperbras Holding GmbH, started its business in Austria in 2006. With its Core Business focused on controlling investments in several fields such as construction, trading of vehicles and agribusiness; maintaining its operations based on commitment to quality and responsibility.


Grand Lakes Veiculos
Grand Lakes Veículos Comerciais Lda (current denomination Asperbras Veículos Comerciais Lda) headquartered in Luanda, Angola is active in the heavy vehicle segment in the African continent. The company operates as official dealer of Volkswagen trucks and buses, among other complementary brands for the segment. Grand Lakes is one of the main Angolan companies, which offers quality products and after-sales services, contributing to the development of the country’s transport system.


Austral Construction
Austral Construction (current name of Asperbras Congo Sarlú), headquartered in the city of Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo, has maintained its activities in the country since 2010 with the development of projects and construction of infrastructure, hospitals, implementation of industrial complex, geology and agribusiness.


Adone Project Management
Adone Project Management Ltda (current denomination of Asperbras Ltda), headquartered in Zona América in Montevideo, Uruguay, engages in trading operations of vehicles and equipments, as well as in the development and coordination of programs and projects to improve the transport and health systems in Angola and the Republic of Congo.


GrandLakes Véhicules
Grand Lakes Véhicules Sarlu, headquartered in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, is Adone Holding’s newest investment in Africa. The company will sell heavy automotive vehicles, as well as original parts and maintenance services in its service unit in the country.


Adone Holding Today
Adone Holding GmbH, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, develops activities in three continents: South America, Europe and Africa. Its related companies are based in Austria, Uruguay, Angola and Republic of Congo.